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Once Upon a Dream…..

17 Oct

Continuing on with the Disney theme….

In June, I went to Disneyland with two friends.  One friend was getting married the following month and to memorialize our awesome Disney trip and to give her something completely original as a wedding gift, I decided to make her a Disney themed shadow box where she can store her pins.

I wanted to make the shadow box in the shape of Sleeping Beauty’s castle since it’s an iconic image in both Disney parks and Disney films, and Sleeping Beauty is my favorite classic Disney movie.

Here’s how it came out.

Here’s how I made it.

  1. First, I scoured the internet and found an image of the castle that I liked that didn’t have too many details to make it easy to cut out.
  2. I enlarged the image and printed it out.  I used paring knives and a cutting board (hahaha, I know, ghetto right) to cut out the image because I don’t own an exacto knife and cutting mat.
  3. Using a pencil, I then, lightly traced the image I cut out onto the back of a cardstock piece of scrapbook paper.  I used painters tape to hold down the cutout to keep the paper from shifting.
  4. I cut out the image I traced on the scrapbook paper (again using a paring knife and cutting board) and turned the scrapbook paper over to see if the image looked liked it was cut out neatly.
  5. On the back of the cardstock scrapbook paper, I placed small sticky magnets on all four corners.
  6. On a separate sheet of scrapbook paper (in a different color or pattern), with the paper facing up, I placed the mates to the magnets on each corner to match with the magnets on the cardstock paper.
  7. Then I put the two pieces of paper together and let the magnets magnetize (I guess that’s what you call it) and placed the two layered sheets of scrapbook paper into a frame the same size.  And voila!  There you have it!  you’re very own homemade shadow box!

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