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We Are in…. O.Ki.Na.Wa

5 Feb


Last year when my brother was back for a long visit, we drove down to San Jose to eat some Okinawan Soba.  My brother was living in Okinawa for almost a year and lived off this stuff.  Okinawan soba is not a common dish in Japanese restaurants so we weren’t too surprised that we had to drive nearly an hour south to get some.


We met up with a friend, who lives in the South Bay, and headed to Ramen Tenma in San Jose.  To be completely honest, if you’re itching to try Okinawan soba, I guess you can come down here, but you’re not really missing out on anything special.  The Okinawan soba didn’t particularly stand out, and according to my brother, it wasn’t very good compared to the stuff back on the island.  The best part of the meal was the pork spare rib that comes in it and the Orion beer we ordered.

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