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Disney Moments – Part II

10 Oct

I wanted to share another fond Disney memory of mine.  A few years ago, I went on a road trip to Disneyland with my brother and a few friends and we had an amazingly fantastic time!  Around this time, my brother and I grew close, and this trip brought us even closer.  I love my brother deeply.  He’s a pretty awesome sibling : )  He’s always looking out for me even though he doesn’t always show it. And, I’m lucky that we share the same group of friends.  We can all hang out together and shoot the shit, so to speak.  To this day, even though he’s thousands of miles away, I still feel like we’re very close.

Here we are on Splash Mountain and in front of the main entrance.

Getting back to my first Disney post, on the most recent trip I took with my two friends, we also visited California Adventure’s new Carsland.  I was completely awestricken walking around Radiator Springs.  The imagineers did an amazing job building the Carsland to look and feel like it was straight out of the movie!  Something that really caught my eye in California Adventures, was a new store imagineered to look like an old-school gas station named after Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Walt’s first animated character.

The best part of the trip was eating at the newly opened Carthay Circle Restaurant, inspired after the Carthay Circle Theatre, where many movies were premiered during Hollywood’s Golden Age.  There, I had a Hemingway Daiquiri, which was phenomenal!  We also each ordered a lamb dish which was cooked perfectly and was extremely tender.  I definitely want to go back with Normakins!  I think he would love the food and cocktails.

In addition to all of this awesomeness, my other friend, who is a HUGE Disney-fanatic, got me into pin-trading, my new addiction.  hahahaha, I got two lanyard because I had waaaaay too many pins, and next time we go, Normakins can take one and pin-trade too!

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