Non-Baking Related Blogs

Bella Sugar for girly things like beauty product reviews, fashion tips, etc.

The Gloss: Beauty for more girly things but with witty writing.

Cute Overload – ridiculously cute pictures.  So cute, it’ll make your head explode!!

Infrastructure Productions blogs about movie reviews as well as current projects they work on. They’re a production company based in San Diego but they work on projects all over the place. Right now, they’re in Las Vegas working on the World Series of Poker.

Neon Blush is like a LA inspired fashion blog.  Jenny Ong pairs a lot of interesting combos, like prints with textures.

Fasiononymous is a blog from a young girl in Hong Kong who is exploring her style through her blog. Zoe plays a lot with silhouettes and details. She’s absolutely charming.

Scene Stealer – Lissa Kahayon makes daring fashion choices but can also dress practical and subtle.  She uses lots of accessories to make a statement.

Plump Pinay – I love how Danah and Stacy embrace their fuller figures and blog about it.  Their styles are fierce and fiery.  They also have good makeup reviews from drugstore brands to prestige cosmetics.

The Sartorialist travels the globe snapping breathtaking pictures of stunning styles of local people.  I love how he captures a moment and transports me to another city when I look at his photos.  Like I mentioned before, I like seeing the different styles from around the globe.


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