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Cupcakes, America to the Core?

23 Apr

My friend, KTG, sent me a link to an online deal for a diner/brunch/cupcake place, American Cupcake.  I was captivated by the website and decided to buy this online deal.  I think the deal was $15 for two entrees and two cocktails.


We got the Bacon Sausage Omelette, Trio of Benedicts, Salted Caramel Pancakes, a bloody mary and mimosa.  The food was pretty good, and with the deal, totally worth it.  But without a discount, I wouldn’t spend $15 for eggs benedict anywhere.  The pancakes were probably the best dish, hahaha.  And I liked how my bloody mary had a slice of bacon in it.  Yum!


I still had to try their cupcakes, since it is what they’re named after.  I tried the most colorful ones, Lemon, Coconut, Bubblegum, and Cotton Candy.  I really liked the cupcakes; they were very moist and buttery, but they were just yellow cake.  The only difference were the various colored frosting which were flavored, but the cakes weren’t so I was a little disappointed about that.  I was hoping for something totally different, like bubblegum flavored cake!

All in all, I may come back here eventually, but not anytime soon.  The decor was extremely fun and cute.  If I had  a girlfriend visiting who likes novelty stores like this, I’d take her here.


We Are in…. O.Ki.Na.Wa

5 Feb


Last year when my brother was back for a long visit, we drove down to San Jose to eat some Okinawan Soba.  My brother was living in Okinawa for almost a year and lived off this stuff.  Okinawan soba is not a common dish in Japanese restaurants so we weren’t too surprised that we had to drive nearly an hour south to get some.


We met up with a friend, who lives in the South Bay, and headed to Ramen Tenma in San Jose.  To be completely honest, if you’re itching to try Okinawan soba, I guess you can come down here, but you’re not really missing out on anything special.  The Okinawan soba didn’t particularly stand out, and according to my brother, it wasn’t very good compared to the stuff back on the island.  The best part of the meal was the pork spare rib that comes in it and the Orion beer we ordered.

Back Logs + Picnics in SF

1 Feb

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, New Years Eve, and, if you’re Japanese, お正月, New Years Day.  I have a huge back log of posts that I’m still drafting and tons of pictures that I’m going to post as soon as possible!

Ok, now that we’re done with formalities, let me do a quick and dirty post.  The other day, Normalicious took me out on a date.  We went to Bi-Rite Market in the Mission District, and grabbed two sandwiches to eat at Dolores Park.  The sandwiches were just ok, but Bi-Rite’s not really known for sandwiches….no sir.  They’re known for their UBER delish ice cream.


Bi-Rite Creamery, which is just across the street from their market, has one of the best ice creams I’ve ever had in SF.  I’m not sure if they’re organic or if they use non-GMO ingredients but damn, it sure is some guuuuud ice cream.  We hit up the creamery after our picnic in Dolores Park.  Even though it started to get cold, we still just HAD to get ice cream. I got their two seasonal flavors, Meyer Lemon and Orange Cardamom. He got Malted Vanilla and Brown Sugar with Ginger Caramel. Yes, we both got two scoops, two flavors each. We don’t mess around when it comes to dessert.

When we were relaxing in Dolores Park, we experienced the unique-ness that makes San Francisco a very left winged community.  A middle-aged woman was going around selling “magic brownies.”  Everyone there was busting out with beer bottles and ha$# pipes.  I never knew Mission Park was a hip spot for that kind of business.  Needless to say, I did not partake in any illegal activity.  The boyfriend and I just sat, ate our sandwiches, and people watched.  He drew while I read, and just had a really lovely and relaxing day.

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