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Long Story Short….

9 Nov

I few months ago, I was getting ansy with my hair and finally decided it was time to cut it off and donate it to locks of love.  I used to have short hair and loved it.  My friend said he thinks I look best with long hair, so I decided to grow it out for roughly 2 years for the following reasons:  (1) I knew I was going to Hawaii in April this year and needed my hair long enough to put up when the humidity attacks my hair; (2) I missed long hair and being able to style it differently; (3) I wanted to donate it when it got long enough!  Here’s what I looked like before I cut it…….

And here is a picture of after………

this is us at our friend’s wedding in July, the one I went to Disneyland with.

And this is us at Normalicious’s 7-year-old cousin’s birthday.  She was definitely the princess for the day.

Thank you to Glenn, owner of Headlights Studio, for the amazing new do and for always making my unruly hair fantastic!  He is the BEST hair stylist I’ve ever had.  He works with the waves I have in my hair and styles it with ease.

He once turned my mom’s mullet into a beautiful shoulder length layered hairstyle. My mom went to her usual stylist and got it chopped off in such a weird way that made her look like Billy Ray Cyrus! IT HAD TO GO!  Glenn did his magic and voila.  My mom’s hair went from the cut below to something much better…..but I don’t have an immediate after picture of her.

Here she is a year later with her short layers all grown out.  Her hair grows really fast.  Anyways, I’m  loving the new do but I feel like my hair has gotten much more wavy over the years so having it short this time round feels different from 5 years ago.  I switched to a new shampoo, Organix Argan Oil, to see if that’ll at least keep my waves tamed.

What do you guys think?  Likey or no likey?

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