Full o’ Chocolates.

12 Nov

A few months ago, our friend went to Europe and brought back these chocolates from a place called Leonidis, which sells French Belgium chocolates!  IMHO (in my humble opinion) no one does chocolates better than Belgium!  They invented the pralines!  Sweet mother!  *drool* (I’ll explain pralines more below).

If you know me, then you know chocolates is my kryptonite.  Delicious milk chocolates make me weak in the knees. Cookies are another kryptonite of mine, but anyways, with this fun-uhohitstams fact established, I can go forth to explain to you how I was once again, defeated by chocolate.

These were absolutely A-Mazing!  Obviously, they would be since they’re from Belgium chocolatiers.  I normally don’t like dark chocolates because I favor the sweeter milk chocolates, but the dark chocolates from Leonidas was not as bitter and extremely smooth (like buttah).  But, the best chocolates out of that box were their pralines!  Pralines are pretty much Belgian chocolates with a chocolate shell and a soft chocolatey inside.  I probably liked it so much because the praline with hazelnut inside reminded me of Nutella, and boy….I have a crazy addiction to Nutella.  NO JOKE.

Anyway, you can order from them online or visit their store in New York.  Or you can plan a Euro trip and eat your way through all of the famous chocolate countries…..oh man.  That’s going on my bucket list.

So remember Leonidas = Hella good chocolates!  (disclaimer, eating these chocolates may make you break out in dance to this song).

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