Summery Sangria on a Cold San Francisco Day.

7 Aug

My dad gave me a watermelon and an orange flesh melon fresh from the countryside.   I got an idea to make sangria with them, but, since I can’t drink up two whole melons worth of sangria, I invited some friends over for brunch.  I was hoping to play some Taboo because, well….I LOVE TABOOOOO!!!!

My plan for Taboo didn’t really pan out, though, and we ended up watching the US win a gold in synchronized diving.  GO USA!

After a few rounds of sangria (recipe is below), I was getting a little inebriated and decided I’m going to bake those darn Chocolate Chip and Cherry Cookies I’ve been wanting to make for the past few weeks.  I’ve been planning on making these for literally two weeks but my lazy butt kept telling me not to.

I must admit, baking when you’re drunk isn’t the most smartest thing to do, but it isn’t the dumbest either.  No, I didn’t burn myself or set anything on fire, but I feel like the cookies would’ve came out much more delicious if I was sober.  I was kind of disappointed in myself.  They weren’t horrible, but they weren’t spectacular.  Maybe I could have creamed the sugars and butter longer, or maybe I was too drunk and didn’t notice that they weren’t as fluffy as they should be.  My friends seemed to like them and even took some home, which I’m grateful for, otherwise, the boyfriend and I would get fat (0^.^o)

I first encountered this fantastic combination of chocolate and cherry inside a cookie at Frog Hollowwhen I used to work for a firm in the SF Ferry Building about 7 years ago. I don’t know why I never thought about making these until recently….what a huge brain fart.

The other day,  I had to go get a cookie from them to figure out what I did wrong.  My case study with the Frog Hollow cookie first began with eating it and savouring the flavors, followed by saving half for the boyfriend, and trying extremely hard to refrain from eating the rest.  I couldn’t even wait to get back to my office before I took a bite out of it!  Yes, they’re that good!

First off, I noticed that my cookies are not as brown as theirs.  Maybe I need to use more brown sugar in place of the regular sugar.  Second, they’re dried cherries were more mildly flavored, not too sweet not too tart but with just enough of a cherry flavor.  The ones I used were a bit on the tart side. Guess I’ll have to try the recipe again, sober! (-.^)

Next time I make these, I’m thinking of using quality dried cherries, and a good chocolate chip cookie recipe as a base.  Then I’ll just add the cherries and walnuts into it and hope it turns out like the Frog Hollow ones.   Anyone know a good chocolate chip cookie recipe?

Watermelon/Any Melon Sangria

melon (cut in 1/2 inch cubes)
1 cup brandy (I used E&J)
1 cup blackberry liqueur (I used Manischewitz)
2 bottles of cheap white wine (I used 2 buck chuck Pinot Grigio from Trader Joe’s, aka Charles Shaw)
7-up or sparkling water for some fizz
Dice up the fruit and soak it in the brandy and liqueur in a covered Tupperware overnight. 
The next day, scoop out the drunken fruit and putting them in a serving bowl or pitcher.  I used two separate pitchers because I didn’t want to combine the orange flesh melon and the watermelon together as one sangria. But for each sangria I used a cup of brandy and a cup of liqueur.
Add the white wine.
Serve it up and add a  little splash of either 7-up or sparkling water.  You can also garnish with mint or basil.

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