Improv: The Tasty Kind

8 Jun

Strawberry Blueberry Easy Peasy Trifle

After my birthday dinner on Saturday with family, I went bar hopping with friends and let’s just say that I vow never to drink that much ever again!  I was down for the count until the afternoon, something that I have experienced before.

Sunday, I knew I had to suck it up and get moving because the boyfriend and I committed to going to another friend’s birthday celebration.  So, this is pretty much how my Sunday went…

Woke up at 9:00am.  Hungover and groggy.  With my makeup still on….Went back to sleep.

Work up at noon.  Hungover and groggy.  Hungry.  Made breakfast for the boyfriend and my brother.  Then, proceeded to get really hyper because I thought I felt better, but I was probably just still drunk.

2:00pm, complained about how crappy I was feeling but trying to get better so we can go to the party.  It was a potluck so the boyfriend said we should just bring a bag of chips, and I thought, hrmm…well, we still had one 9 inch chiffon, and one 8 inch lemon cake stored in the freezer from the birthday layer cake we made the day before….if we just improvise and use the extra cakes we could bring a trifle!

The boyfriend still wanted to bring a bag of chips because it’s easier and he scoffed at me saying that I was in no shape to cook (which was true).  I tried to explain how easy it is to make a trifle (which required no cooking, since we already had cakes baked and whip cream whipped) but he didn’t get it.  For some reason, he then, insisted we use the extra cakes to make another layer cake (umm, wouldn’t that be more work leveling, constructing, making more frosting, etc.)

Let me remind you, I was feeling like crap, trying to make this thing easy so stomped  into the kitchen hollering that I’ll make the trifle even though I’m hungover and he doesn’t have to worry about diddly squat!

….And what did I do while I looked down at the cakes on the countertop stomping into the kitchen?  I hit my head on the cupboard door he left open…. (T0T)

I fell backwards and crouched down, wincing in pain and holding my head in my hands.  Now, this is the weird part… I start to cry and laugh at the same time.  I was crying because it hurt like a b, and laughing because, well let’s face it, this stuff usually only happens in movies, plus, I knew I had to lighten up my attitude and stop being a cranky pants.

Lessons learned: (1) it’s your birthday, you have a right to say “no more booze,” (2) being hungover is not an excuse to be a beezy, (3) when I say somethings easy to make, it really is easy to make.

In the end, the trifle was whipped up in a flash, (albeit, the bowl we used wasn’t very deep, so I only managed to make it a one layered trifle) but everyone at it all up and I got many compliments on it.  : P

Easy Trifle

layer a deep bowl with cake (you can use sponge cake, pound cake, I used leftover chiffon cake), pudding (any flavor you want), whipped cream, and berries/fruit.   Voila!

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