Birthday Cake – Part Deux: Constructing the Behemoth

5 Jun

This past Saturday was the weekend after my birthday and I had a family dinner and a birthday party with friends to go to. The first thing the boyfriend and I did when we woke up was head to the kitchen to start putting my birthday cake together. Here’s how it went down….

Cake Assembly

1.The first thing you should really do is leveling. This wasn’t the first thing I did, but I should have. I used the same size cake pan for all 3 cakes and thought they would all be uniformed, but as we were constructing the cake, I noticed that my lemon cake was fairly rounded on top so I leveled it off and trimmed it flat.  Make sure your cakes all line up around the edges when their stacked and the tops are flat and leveled.

2. Place strips of wax paper/parchment paper under the edges of your plating area to keep the plate clean and pretty as you assemble and frost the cake.

3. Place one chiffon cake onto the wax paper. Place some lemon custard on top, spreading it out until it’s about an inch from the edges. Make sure the custard doesn’t go over the sides.

4. Place some strawberries onto the custard and an additional but thin layer of custard on top of the strawberries so the next layer of cake has something to stick to.

5. Then place the lemon cake on top. Add custard again to the top of the lemon cake, making sure to keep the custard 1 inch from the edges. Add more strawberries. Then add a thin layer of custard again.

6. Place the last layer of chiffon cake on top and there you have it.  A 3 layer cake!

Now that your cake is all put together, lets continue with frosting and decorating the cake.

Frosting the Cake

1. With this last layer of cake on, apply a thin layer of frosting to the sides and top of the cake. This is called crumb coating. This helps keep all of your crumbs in check and keeps further crumbs from loosening so the thicker, outer frosting layer is flawless/crumbless.

2. Go around the sides again and, this time, add frosting generously. Add as much as you want. Do the same to the top, but try to coat the cake evenly and cover any spots where there may be cake peeking through. If you like, you can leave some frosting left over to decorate the cake with, which is what I did.

3. I bought my first frosting tip ever and used it for this cake.  I used the M1 frosting tip and went around the perimeter on the top of the cake making a shell pattern. To do the shell pattern, you squeeze out a good amount of frosting first and pull the bag away as you squeeze out less frosting. Does that make sense? Practice a few times before you try it out so you don’t have to refrost the cake. Here’s a video with a better explanation.  I did the same to the bottom of the cake but made the shells a little longer.  They look more like pinned ribbon. I then topped it off with some strawberries and a giant star/flower looking thing on the top of the cake.

I refrigerated the cake for about 3 hours, and then added some lemon zest. Unfortunately, the strawberries ran a little bit on the top of the cake.

Here’s the final product. The cake looks better in low light. But I’m really happy at how it turned out, this being my first layer cake and all. I definitely need to work on my decorating skills, though, or lack there of.   And… this is what the inside looks like….

nom nom noms….

happy eatings. ❤

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  1. Joshua James June 5, 2012 at 7:19 pm #

    So good

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