Birthday Cake Test-Run

1 Jun

My boyfriend suggested the other day that we should join forces and bake a birthday cake together.  My birthday was on Wednesday, but I’m having a family dinner this Saturday, so we decided to bake a cake for my birthday for my family to enjoy.  I wanted to use whatever we have in the fridge as much as possible.  I hate throwing out food when they go bad.

This is what we had in the fridge that could be used in a cake:

  • eggs
  • milk
  • cream cheese
  • chedder cheese (yea, it’s probably possible)
  • blueberries
  • strawberries
  • bacon (but then we ate it all)

so, we decided on a strawberry and custard layered cake with cream cheese frosting.  I thought the strawberries wouldn’t hold up to the cream cheese flavor so we tossed in the idea of lemons.  These are the various possible variations we came up with.

Cake 1: 2 Layer cake – White/white cake with strawberries and whip cream in the center.  Cream cheese frosting.

Cake 2: Layer cake – white/lemon/white with vanilla custard & strawberries.  Cream cheese frosting.

Cake 3: Layer cake – white/lemon/white with lemon custard & strawberries. Cream cheese frosting.

Cake 4: Layer cake – white/lemon/white with one layer vanilla custard and strawberries & another layer lemon custard and strawberries. Cream cheese frosting.

I wasn’t sure which combination to go by since lemon can be overpowering.  So in order to try the different variations, I baked cupcakes and cut the cupcakes in half horizontally so I can layer them  like miniature cakes.  Of course they were too top heavy and couldn’t stay standing but I managed to take a picture of all four variations before we gobbled them up.

Oh, and my brother is visiting us right now so he luckily came home with his friend as the cupcakes were baking so I had them help with the taste test to determine which strawberry/lemon combo takes the cake : )

Winner is……Cake 3!  I was surprised that all that lemon didn’t overpower the other flavors.  In fact, I think the lemon kind of brought out more tang from the strawberries and cut the sweetness a bit.  And the custards help to mellow out the fruit so it doesn’t come out too lemony or too tart.  In other words, the flavors keep each other in check.

The boyfriend and I are going to bake the actual cakes tonight and possibly layer them tonight if they cool/freeze before I get too sleepy.


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